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Postfix: Envelope records out of order

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If you make a migration between Postfix servers, or a system recovery, you may find when you manually copy de Maildir files or spool files this string in your server logs

fatal: 98GH09DFI: envelope records out of order

Note that “98GH09DFI” is a Queue ID that could be anyone.

The reason for this issue is the corruption of the input queue, causing all incoming messages to be stored in the “Deferred Queue”.

To fix this you need to locate that file in the pool of Postfix:
#cd /var/spool
#find . -name "98GH09DFI"

And delete the files:
rm -rf ./postfix/defer/6/98GH09DFI ./postfix/active/98GH09DFI

Sometimes the file is not found… so you have to use the postsuper command:
postsuper -d 98GH09DFI

The postsuper command is a swiss kniffe for Postfix Queue.


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February 1, 2011 at 13:19

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