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ESX Management Agent Restart Process

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Today one ESX 3.5 Server connected to a VSphere 4 Virtual Center has lost the connection to it.

The SSH access to the server was active and all the VMs on it was working too.

I tried to restart vmware-vpxa but the system remains unconnected although I tried several times manually reconnect.

Finally I found a KB Article in VMWare where explains how to restart the Management Agents involved in the Virtual Center Connections.

[root@server]# service mgmt-vmware restart

This command restarts the Management Agents and allows you to reconnect the ESX 3.5 Host to the VSphere Virtual Center.

The link to the knowledge base article is here:

I hope it will be helpful for you, leave a comment if it is the case. Thanks


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October 5, 2011 at 09:02

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