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How to Install Adaptec Storage Manager over FreeNAS 8

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If you need a NAS server, FreeNAS is a good option but if you have any Adaptec Raid Controller you can’t monitor the RAID status or get notified in case it fails.

To do it you need an agent called Adaptec Storage Manager (ASM) installed in the server. FreeNAS is a little bit special to install new packages in, this is the way to get the Adaptec Storage Manager Software running in a FreeNAS 8 box.

1. You have to put the “/” filesystem in a rewritable mode
mount -uw /

2. Let’s go to the root home directory

3. Download the last version of Adaptec Storage Manager for FreeBSD (
In my case:

4. Umcompress the file
tar zxvf ./asm_freebsd_x64_v7_30_18837.tgz

5. After that delete the original file to avoid go low of space.
rm -f ./asm_freebsd_x64_v7_30_18837.tgz

6. Go to the FreeBSD v8 Manager directory
cd ./freebsd8/manager/

7. Install the new package using
pkg_add StorMan-amd64.pkg.tbz

8. After the process finish it says something like:
Starting script preinstall....
Starting script postinstall....
Starting Adaptec Storage Manager agent ...

The application can be started by running: /opt/StorMan/

9. Remove the installation folders
cd ~/ && rm -rf freebsd*

10. Now you can reboot (recomended).

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